Volume V (2019)


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/ul2019.05

​Preface VII–XI
Dmytro Vashchuk


Coinage Genesis in the Context of the Political Autonomy on the Lithuanian-Horde Border Lands (the Second Half of the 14th – the First Half of the 15th Century) 1–14
Kostiantyn Khromov, Iryna Khromova

The Bishops of the Latin Metropolitanate of Lviv in Military Conflicts on the Eve of the Florentine Union 15–27
Roman Ivashko

Karaul in the Historical Sources 15th–16th Centuries 28–52
Olga Biletska

The Kostiantyn Ostrozky's Battles, as an Example of the Duchy's Reforms in Tactics 53–62
Borys Cherkas

The Gentry of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania on the Chernihiv-Siversky Lands (1618–1648) 63–77
Petro Kulakovskyi

Loss of Interest of the Lithuanian Nobility in the Solution of the “Ukrainian Problem” in the Commonwealth in the Second Half of 1655  78–85
Oleksandr Juga


Archaeological Research of Palace of the 14th–15th Centuries in Bakota in the 60’s of the 20th Century 87–96
Ihor Starenkyi


Historiographical Version and Interpretation of Pereyaslav Land history in the Second Half of the 13th – the First Half of the 16th Century 97–111
Andriі Blanutsa

The State Structure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Light of Historiographical Concepts 112–120
Dmytro Vashchuk

"The Kaptur Courts" (kapturovi sudy) by Petro Sosenko: History of one Studying Case During the Great Turn Times 121–149
Svitlana Blashchuk


The Lithuanian Metrica (1547–1549): Court record book no 20 / Prepared by Dmytro Vashchuk. Kyiv: Institute of History of Ukraine NASU, 2019. І–ХХ; 75 151–155
Petro Kulakovskyi

VI International Scientific Conference "Ukraine and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 14th –18th Centuries: Political, Economic, Interethnic and Socio-Cultural Relations in the Pan-European Dimension" 156–160
Dmytro Vashchuk, Oleksandr Juga