Volume VI (2021)


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407

Preface VII–X
Dmytro Vashchuk


Moldova's Relations with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Second Half of the 14th Century – Beginning of the 15th Century (until the Treaty of Lublau in 1412) 1–17
Valentin Constantinov

The Problem with the State Sovereignty of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the Reign of Alexander Yahailavich (1492–1501) 18–42
Vasil Varonin

Material Resource of Officials of Kyiv and Volhynian Lands in the Middle of the XVI Century 43–59
Petro Kulakovsky

Loev Campaign of Ukrainian Army in 1649: Debating Points and Open Questions 60–71
Valerii Stepankov

Acceptance of Swedish Protection by J. Radziwill in 1655: Contemporaries’ Assessments and Hetman’ Motives 72–83
Oleksandr Juga

«On the Model of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania»: Prospects of Integration of Cossack Ukraine into Compound of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1658–1659 (Expectations and Realities) 84–100
Volodymyr Hazin

Social-economic relations

One of the ‘New City’ (Shahr al-Jadid) Copper Coin Types: Reading the Obverse Legend 101–120
Kostiantyn Khromov


Private Housing of the Second Half of the 13th – the Beginning of the 15th Century from Archaeological Research in Kamianets-Podilskyi on Tatarska Street, 17/1 121–135
Ihor Starenkyi, Yevhenii Levinzon

Pottery Complex of the Second Half 13th – First Half 15th Centuries from Excavations in Kamianets-Podilskyi 136–179
Pavlo Nechytaylo, Olena Onohda

Ad Fontes

Privilege was Given to Kamiаnets City by Princes Yuri (George) and Alexander Koriatovych in 1374: Lists and Interpretations 181–198
Dmytro Vashchuk


Stepan Borysenok: to the Portrait of the Scientist 199–218
Svitlana Blashchuk


Center for Medieval Studies – Centrum Studiorum Mediaevalium (2015–2020) 219–232
Myroslav Voloshchuk

Alfredas Bumblauskas, Genute Kirkene, Borys Cherkas, Dmytro Vashchuk, Loreta Skurvidaite. The Epoch Vitautas in the history of Ukraine: 1387–1430. Kyiv: "Baltiia-Druk", 2020. 208 p. 233–238
Andrii Fedoruk