The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Yatvyg’s Land on Pages of the Galitsko-Volynsky Chronicle of the 13th Century

Mykola Kotlyar
Doctor of Historical Sciences (Dr. hab. in History), Senior Scientist,
Institute of History of Ukraine of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv),
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In article the Galitsko-Volynsky chronicle of the 13th century concerning the relations of Galitsk Rus’ with the Lithuanian Duchy and the Yatvyag’s land are analyzed. In spite of the fact that old Rus’ and foreign sources put accents mainly on military operations between Rus’ and its northwest neighbors, Lithuania and the Yatvyag’s land, the relations between them developed peacefully. They were integrated by a territory community (a northwest corner of Eastern Europe); natural commercial and other relations which are confirmed by archeologists; constant need to defend from aggressive neighbors of Poland and Austria, and since the 13th century – German crusaders who won Baltic at the beginning of this century. From the beginning of specific dissociation of Rus’, the first Lithuanian breeding unions are formed also; their leaders start interfering with the Rus’ affairs. For its part, the Russian princes seek to use the Lithuanian princes in own interests. All this did the mutual relations intense, led to fighting collisions. However Lithuania and yatvyags respected only force, and therefore it isn’t surprising that in process of power strengthening of Romanovich in the Volyn’ land, their relations with these both protostate associations began to gain contractual character. Most of all it was shown at board of the Lithuanian prince Mendovg. After murder by Lev Danilovich the Lithuanian prince Voyshelk, trust between ruling circles of Lithuania and Galitsko-Volynsk Rus’ was forever lost.



Galitsko-Volynsky chronicle, relationships, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Yatvyag’s land.



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